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Hermit Crab Care

Basic hermit crab info- - Chris Lacey - 6/16/2013
Well, since I don't see much people getting any assistance with hermit crab help here, I'll
just post this so anyone who stops by for any reason can get a little better understanding.

FOODS: fresh fruits/veggies, unsalted almonds, peanut butter, sardines, tuna fish.
WATER: Purple pinchers can thrive with just fresh water, but any other hermit crab needs
salt water as wel as fresh water.
HEATING: you need at least a heat pad, heat lamp, or both to maintain heat and humidity.

You really need at least a 10 gal tank with minimum air flow. Also, EcoEarth is highly
recommended as well as play sand. You can find EE at any local petstore; petsmart/petco.
The play sand can be purchased at any hardware store; homedepot/lowes. Make sure you
have plenty of hiding places and climbing things. Fake plans and coco huts work great.
Mist the tank every other day and make sure substrate is sand castle consistency.

If anyone has any hermit crabs they don't or cannot keep any longer, emaile me:

Kid regards,