Hi, My name is Sarah. I had hermit crabs when I was younger, and at that time I thought that hermit crabs were an easy, inexpensive pet, that didn't need a lot of care to survive. I enjoyed my crabs, and took them with me everywhere. When my crabs "died" I burried them outside in a coffin and had a ceremony to say my last goodbyes.

    As an adult I was given two hermit crabs (for my children) and did a little research. I found out that my hermit crabs may not have been dead when I was younger, but molting, or shedding their exoskeleton. If only I had known. My  hermit crabs, in spite of the poor conditions I had given them in ignorance, tried to do as God made them to do, and in the end they probably did die. All because I just had no idea.

 Pet stores don't tend to give us all of the facts on our pet hermies, and it leads to many hermie deaths. I wish to be a part in preventing this.  Many of the pet stores don't actually know the hermit crab needs themselves. They just take the word of the distributors, that they are pretty much adaptable and haven't many needs. This is so untrue. I have seen for myself the difference between hermit crabs in a unacceptable environment, and ones with all their needs met.  It makes a big difference. Even in their personalities it shows. 

I want to give a special thanks to those pet stores who were so willing to hand out our care sheets to their customers with the crabs they sell. Educating pet owners is one of the best things they can do. I respect those who take the initiative to do so.

Well, I have put the research I have done, together on this web site to share with others who may be looking for answers to the questions on caring for hermit crabs, as I had.  I have a Hermit Crab Care Board for any questions that you may have, and for all to enjoy making friends and sharing what they know. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you with your pets, by using the hermit crab care board at the top of the page, or by email to sarah@hermiehaven.com.


Thank you!


Mommy of Many