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Hermit Crab Care

Hermit crab information - Chris Lacey - 6/5/2010
Hello, I'm a hermit crab owner of many hermit crabs I have owned hermit crabs for over
10 years! Here's some information you need to have healthy happy hermit crabs!
1. Gravel is HORRIBLE!! hermit crabs can't dig through it when they need to molt!
2. Painted shells are HORRIBLE!! Painted shells are toxic and will put your hermit crab
to death!
3. The best bedding for the bottom of your crabitat is Ecko earth or Sand!!
4. Make sure you have several extra shells for each hermit crab!!
5. Always have fake plants an climbing things for you hermit crabs.
6. Hermit crabs are verry social so have atleast two.
Thanks. For more information then just ask!!