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Hermit Crab Care

My names Sophia Lea! - Sophia Lea - 8/20/2007
Hi! I am Sophia.I'm Probbably the youngest one here. I am 9 almost 10 years old. I just got my new hermit crab yesterday and right away it bit me! But it was my fault. I should have been mor carefull. Well anyway, I named her tallula. Her nickname is LuLu. I love her already. She has explored her habbitat a couple times but never lets me handle her yet. But I just got her so I expected her to be a bit shy. I hope She will crawl around on my hand in a week or 2. I have had 3 previous hermit crabs in the past. I named them KiKi, Ocean, and Rainbow. They didn't live very long. Sadly I did not know how to take proper care of them at the time. So the one I had the longest {KiKi} Lived only 2 years. But now I can take well care of LuLu. She is the biggest crab I have ever had! Mabye close to the biggest I've ever seen! Well My grandma got her for me at PetCo. I was suppost to work up to geting her by doing all my chores but she was my early birthday preasent from Grandma. Now I'm working up to LuLu's future friend. Well thanks for reading! Your hermit crab loving member of hermiehaven, Sophia Lea