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Hermit Crab Care

Re: Newbie Intro! - Sabrina Cameron - 3/20/2006
Welcome to the group, Jennifer and your human and hermie families. Sounds like you have a wonderful set up for your hermies. You have some great looking hermies, tank and pictures. Congrats on the successful molt.

One question that I have for you, was your water. What kind of water do you have for them? Do you have any salt water? The Purple Pinchers do not have to have it but it is good for them and helps them in their molts.

On your pictures, I just saw that the 4 of 41 (the one that you named the picture, "He is so darn cute!" is an Ecuadorian, E for short. They have to have salt water. If they go to long with out it, they will be damaged internally and die. The kind of salt I am talking about is a salt water additive, such as Instant Ocean, Tropical Marine Salt, Oceanic. You have to purchase this in a pet store that sales salt water fish. The pictures 5 and 6 are also of E's.

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