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Hermit Crab Care

me to! - rachel speicher - 11/28/2005
hi!im new also i got my hermies(ziggy and verde uno)yesterday. theyre really cute i cant stand bieng away from them,theyre right here at the computer with me.i actually stayed home from school to be with them(i dont trust my mom to check on them at her lunch break).neways,i think that is normalle. ive already taken 15 minutes to right this because i(there i go again)cant stop looking at them.although a couple people have told me im showing the first sighns of insanity and they think i should see a shrink(lol),neways hoo cares?! ithink they need to see a shrink because they think hermit crabs would be boring pets.do your hermits climb trees? ziggy keeps doing that and staying up there. ithink hes trying to get away from verde uno.he keeps stealing ziggys sleeping spots.i guess its something like sibling rivalry, whaterver i have, my little sister wants.neways, i gotta go. maybe ziggy will come down if i take verde uno out.ooohhh ziggy just made a really cool sounding noise!thats awesome!!!!