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Hermit Crab Care

Mommy of Many - Sarah - 11/26/2005

No every week is not necessary unless you have a hard time with humidity. The water helps lubricate their gills as well as keeping them clean. If you just need to bathe for clenliness it is good to bathe often, but they will not die if you do not. Hermies tend to drop some of their "droppings" into their shells and have a hard time totally cleaning it out, so it is helpful when they can bathe. I have a very large tank and have a bathing tub in it that I like to change often. They tend to do their own bathing as needed. It has the large coral that they can climb on to get out and everything. The only other time that I bathe the mass of hermies is when it is tank cleaning day. I then bathe them all, put them in the shell changing bin, and clean the tank while they explore shells.

I love bath day!

Mommy of Many