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Hermit Crab Care

Gort's size - Sarah - 11/26/2005
Hi Jordan!
It is good to see you again!
It sounds like Gort has molted once again? I know that he was already good sized when you showed me his picture. Has Gort showed you any signs of aggression? Yes being big means bigger pains. Hermies as large as Gort are can easily break a pencil in half, meaning that a good pinch of skin would be very painful and could cause more damage if it were a finger. If you are leary about holding Gort I would advise that you hold him with fabric or gloves on, or just pick him up by his shell and let him to walk along as you spend time with him. If he has a flat surface to walk on,He will have nothing to grab. I often pick the big guys up and set them on my stomach as I lay on the couch. This allwes one on one time with them and nothing to really hang on to but my clothing. If you are nervous when you hold him, he may sence that and grab on for dear life, not intending to hurt you, but in fear of falling. Accidents do happen, so always be careful when you do hold him if you choose to. It sounds like he is a real sweety, so nothing may happen, but by chance something did, it could be pretty bad. Not life threatening, but bloody and painful. :o) Enjoy your big boy! I know that I would!

Mommy of Many