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Hermit Crab Care

Bathing "No bath attitude" crabs :o) - Sarah - 11/24/2005
Hi Charlie!

It sounds like your hermies are a lot like mine are. I think it is the adjustment from air to water. What I have done is gotten a large coral and put it into the bath tub for them to climb out on their own. Most all of them like to climb up n it right away, then I notice that they gradually get back in. I have tried to put them on the coral to see if they will get in on their own and they do. Once they go into the water they usually just mosey around in it and expolore some, then some still want to climb the edged of the tub to get out, but the coral gives them a way out if they do not want to bathe. It is an idea anyhow. It is what I do and it really works for us. How many hermies dfo you have? I currently own only 10, but at one time I had 220 some and that was oh so much fun at bath time!
I hope you have had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Say hi to your hermie gang for me! :o)

Mommy of Many