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Hermit Crab Care

Update! - Sarah - 11/20/2005
Hi everyone!
I am finally sitting down long enough to type a few replies and give you all an update. Things have been crazy around here!

We have triedhatching eggs to raise our own chickens for eggs with little success. I can't find the heavy breed chickens I would like to have, and since I came from FL, I obviously forgot that winter would be a problem. I just had three of my guinea hens die due to colds. :o( We decided to build an enclosed coop for them. It had to be done!

My children have been passing around this flu for the past week and a half now. That is no fun, and one of my sons brought home a stomach virus, so I am praying that it stops with him.

Baby Josiah is growing like a weed. He is 7 and a half weeks old and you can already see the little boy in him coming out. His personality is beaming! Guess what! He loves my hermies!!!

My large PP that I got from the Watermelon Carnival is molting. He is a jumbo, so this is bound o take a while, but so ar he is doing well. He has sucessfully shed his exo without any problem. I have had him 3 months now, and he is such a sweety. He loves attenion, just like my others. I have lost three hermies in the past year. All happened durring molts. I guess maybe they just couldn't do it anymore. They all happened at the begining of the year, so since April we have had a good success rate and I am very pleased. Hopefully the shock is all over for these guys. From past experience I know that for many it takes a lot out of them when they go through very bad conditions. My friend Lynn can account for that. She and I have been through a lot with our hermies. She more so than I. I sure do miss her. She still lives in FL. I have Good news for Lynn though! We are planning to be in FL in the next 4 weeks! Hmmm... Maybe sooner. Around the 26th. I thinkn that may even be more like 3 weeks, but I am not sure. I plan to meet her there. I am so excited!

Well, I am rambling now. I will be here off and on.

Bye for now everyone!

Mommy of Many