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Hermit Crab Care

Oh good, so its not JUST me? - Angel - 10/24/2005
Hah.. Sabrina.. you scared me there at first! Hah... OMG, its so nice to have a place to unload my "hermstrations"! I have an E named "Noodle" that cries constantly. It freaked me out at first until I found out they really do make noises. Its really weird. Noodle makes sounds when I take him out of the crabitat, or to alert me of another crab fight. He is like my "snitcher" crab. When I get home from work, he tells me whats been going on while I was gone.

Gotta question! Seeing as how the newscast calls for possible snow tomorrow (Darn western NY State weather anyways)... does that effect the activity of the crabs, when it gets colder? Anyone?