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Hermit Crab Care

Thank you Sabrina! - Sarah - 10/18/2005
You are so good to me Sabrina. Thank you very much.
Yes Josiah has finally come, and I was more than ready.
I am sorry everyone, about my absence.
Even my petshave been missing me. My dog decided to pee on the floor right in front of me after she came doing her spins and I had my son take her out. SHe looked at him, then at me and finallly squatted right there to say "If Mommy won't take me out, I'll just stop trying" Poor pets!!!
My hermies and everyone have had to endure my lesser activity. My children and hubby have been keeping up with them for me. I have been doing more, but Josiah seems to want to nurse every hour right now. I have been focusing on trying to get things back in odrer around the house and making meals from scratch to help with the budget, so really time isn't free anymore, and I have been napping with what free time I have had.
I am geting there! I'll be up and runningin no time! LOL! Honestly I feel great, just a bit tired, and ready for colic relief. LOL

Thank you Sabrina!

Here are the pictures of Josiah! www.famogram.com