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Hermit Crab Care

Hiding - Mommy of Many - 8/9/2005
Hi there!
I maybe catching up to you ladies.lol!
It sounds to me as though little hermie lost his shell to big hermie. Poor thing. Does the bigger of the two hermies have his shell on, or is it just laying there? It could be that your bigger hermie thought the shell looked nice, but it didn't fit well. lol!
If the shell is still avaliable I would try putting it close to him and maybe give him more shells to choose from that will fit. He is probably destressing from the ordeal. I would give a stress coat dunk and leave him alone with the shells for a while. Usually they will come back around. They just like to hide and make sure that the other one isn't still upset with them. Very stressful ordeal. :o(
Good luck!

Mommy of Many