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Hermit Crab Care

Just had to share.. LONGGGG Story.. - Sabrina Cameron - 8/8/2005
I got up this morning and found a Micro E that had a leg laying by its shell. I looked in there and both legs and the BP were gone on the one side. I looked thru the rest of my tank checking hermies all the PPs were fine. Another one has lost 2 legs on one side. The last micro E I have, I am not sure if dead or had just molted, I didnt see any exo near it but its coloring is like it had molted. It dont have much smell and I cant tell if it has been dead so long it dont hardly smell or if it is a medcine smell but it isnt getting stronger, so it is in ISO with the other Es. Just to see. They were all buried in the EE and it was a bit on the dry side. I dont know if it was to dry or what. So far 14 hours later, all is the same. I have been putting the Micro that has no legs on the one side, in the food and water dishes a couple of times a day. The other one is moving to it himself. I have everything within a 3 inch area.

I am (well was) hermie sitting for a lady for the last 2 1/2 months. She got home Saturday, went hermie shopping today and called and said that she needed her hermies as she didnt have any where to put her hermies she got. So I told her that I would meet her and she told me that she had found me some more Micros and she got me 2 Straws. I had been putting off getting the Straws due to their being so sensitive and also til alot more was known about them. Well for $5 a piece, I couldnt pass them up. So I had to meet her this evening. Below is some info about them that I wanted to share.. some of it is hermie cute and hermie funny and only Hermies Lovers would agree.. lol..

I would just like to introduce you to our 11 hermie addition. We got 1 Rug large Micro, 2 Straws, 3 Micro PPs, 4 Micro Es. I just added some pictures of them, in the folder "New Hermies 8-8" in my yahoo photos, link in signature. A bit of info about each of the photos.

Photo 1.) Shows you exactly which micro is what species.

Photo 2.) Is 2 of the Micro Es, Something is wrong with one of the Micros. Can you find it??

Photo 3.) I cant tell you, as then you will know the answer to # 2. But the picture will explain it.

Photo 4.) First time I ever saw an E change shells within 1 minute of being put in with shells.

Photo 5.) PP in a dyed shell.

Photo 6.) Picture of tank just after I put the hermies in it.

Photo 7.) The main reason I am writing this.. It was soo funny and cute..and of course, I had the camera put down so I couldnt take a video, as a video would only do it justice, so I drew lines and will explain them. After I put the hermies in the tank. The hermie in the dyed shell did this within a couple of minutes after being put in the tank. Within 3 minutes or so, it covered this whole distance in the 10 gallon tank..

From where it is in picture. It took the yellow path, up the little stairs in the food dish, to the door. Stopped for just a second at the yellow spot. I looked at Tasha and it was at the Pink dot in the food (FMR and cuttlebone mix). (Pink Path) It went back down the steps of the food dish and went over to the water dish to the steps in it. Went into the water and then came back out (Light Purple Path) to the coral. Stopped there and climbed around a bit. This was when I took some pictures of the Straws that you will see. I look back at the PP and it is now leaving the pink coral (green path) and goes around some other hermies and into the dish that I cut holes out of the side to make the hermies some huts. A big end and a small end for the different sized hermies. From what I could tell, it made a complete circle around the inside of the small sized end. Came out (light grey path) and went to the cuttlebone chunk by where it started out at. Then stopped at it for a while.. Guess it was a break time.. hehe..

This was so funny that Tasha and I sat there and laughed..

Photo 8.) The two new Straws. The one in back is smaller and Rough Red (due to green turbo shell). The one in front is Smooth Berry (this is due to Green turbo but no ridges, it is totally smooth and if you look you can see a bit shiny on the edge of it).

Photo 9.) Picture of Rough Red in the water when I gave them a bath after we got home. I had the pictures out and had just taken the picture of the 9 micros. He just sat there and would not come out. So I finally snapped this picture and then he flipped on over and moved around in the dish.

Photo 10.) Smooth Berry up with his shells..

Sorry so long but had to share..

Crabbing in Oklahoma since July 2004.
We are currently at 43 hermies not counting the new 11 today.