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Hermit Crab Care

Re: big fight - Sabrina Cameron - 8/8/2005
Have you given the hermies a bath recently? It could be that they smell each other and they smell different will cause a shell fight. It could be that they were mating, if male and female.. hehe.. When they mate they grab on to each other shells and will look like they are rocking them, so would look like a fight. It could be that one is Pre-Molt and being moody. If one keeps attacking the other one, I would move the one that is doing the attacking into an ISO for a while. Partly as a punishment, also to maybe get seperated to calm down and maybe to go ahead and molt.

First, I would suggest giving all hermies a bath in declor water with Stress Coat. Then would feed them some Total Brand Corn Flakes and some scrambled eggs. Both of these will help stop hermie attacks and will help them during molts..