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Hermit Crab Care

Steve( email's not working?) Welcome! and update... - Sarah Hill - 8/6/2005
What were you getting when you tried to email? Was it not sending? DId you get any error? Please let me now. I have been checking my email and haven't seen anything from you, yet I have been getting emails from others.

It is good to have you with us! It is very nice knowing someone with as many years of experiences as you seem to have. That no saltwater thing really does puzzle me. If I go too long without giving my PP's saltwater they seem to have troubles, so with what I have heard about Indo's (Which I agree with Sabrina that it looks like you have)it makes me wonder about what we have heard. I do know that my Indo loves her saltwater though!

Petdiscounters is where I get my Instant Ocean from also. It sounds like Sabrina has been stearing you in the right direction. Thanks Sabrina!

I have been down for a few weeks. My midwife gave me the go ahead to go with my family to town tomorrow, and go across the street from my Mother in laws house to the watermelon festival. It is an anual thing, and I hadhoped to go, but doubted I would be able to. Since my MIL's house is right across the street I will just go over to watch the events I would like to see, then get in from the heat inbetween these events. I figure that if I do this I have less of a chance of overdoing. I hope so anyhow. We shall see how it goes!
I went over once today and gave the hermit crab booth some cards with our website on it. I hope to find other hermit crab owners in our area. I really miss it. In FL I knew of so many, but here I haven't met anyone with hermies. I sure hope that she will pass out the cards. Praying so anyhow....

Well, I am off the computer. It is good having you Steve!

Mommy of Many