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Hermit Crab Care

Re: In- Store Hermies - Sabrina Cameron - 8/3/2005
Hi Steve...

First off.. the BP is the Big Pincher.

If you live in the United States.. www.petdiscounters.com is a great site for Instant Ocean and alot of other critter things.. They are really cheap and when you go to pay out if you use the promotional code of .... hermies... without the dots, you will get an additional 5% off the whole order.

On the foods, it is good to give them Total Brand Cornflakes or Feeder Goldfish soaked in IO water. This helps them to get alot of the minerals and nutrients that they need.

It is best to have the heater on the bottom of the tank, and then during the winter, you can take some of the sand off from over it and make it warmer in the tank.

It is common for them to regrow limbs during their next molt if they dropped some for some reason. Usually this will not affect their growing size.. It seems like if you have had him that long, then the Indos do not grow as fast as the Purple Pinchers do. Also, again if you live in the US.. at PetCo stores will sometimes have Indos. Also if you check other pet stores that sell Exotics. Alot of them will have the different species of hermies. This way you can get him a buddy. They do best if there is more. Also you can put a mirror up for him to think he has a buddy til you get one.. If you can find out the day the hermies come in on a shipment, they are usually healthier and live better.

A large to jumbo hermie will only molt every 12 to 18 months.. sometimes a bit longer.. It isnt good for them to not have their exo..but if you give them the cuttlebone or other calcium supplements they will usually do ok.. The calcium in the exo or anything else, helps their skin harden up after a molting.

The hermies love to climb and be up higher.. They love cholla wood and also, I bought some fish net at Walmart in the craft section with the shells. Then I put a fake flower vine over the top of that, and they love it as they can climb and then hide in it.. hehehe..