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Hermit Crab Care

Re: Age of In-Store hermies.. - Sabrina Cameron - 8/2/2005
Welcome to the group.. That is awesome that you have had Mr Crab for 21 years. Do you have a buddy for him?? Sarah isnt on much right now due to being on bedrest.. You can post it here, where LindaLou, Myself or a few others will respond. Or you can email me or Linda.. I think her email is listed on here.. My email is oimsofunny@sbcglobal.net

Here is a chart of sizes and age of hermies that I have that I was given:
Size: BP Length: Age:
Micro Less then 3/8" Less then 2 years
Small 3/8" to 2/3" 2 to 5 years
Medium 2/3" to 1" 5 to 10 years
Large 1" to 1 1/2" 10 to 15 years
Jumbo over 1 1/2" Over 15 years

As far as the salt goes.. Do NOT give the hermie any table salt. They need marine salt that you get at a pet store. The mains ones that people use are, Instant Ocean (IO), you mix 1/2 cup IO to 1 gallon of water or you can break that down and make smaller amounts, especially for just one or two hermies, Tropical Marine Salt or Reef Crystals.

I just looked at your pictures..Your hermie looks happy and healthy.. What all do you feed it? do you have a lid for your tank? What do you keep your temperature and humidity at?? Love to hear new people that have had a hermie for a long times, experience..

You have an Indoneisain or commonly known as Indo.. That is so strange that you have never given it salt water. We are always told that they have to have it to survive.. Can you take a measurement of the length of the BP? It dont look much bigger then some of the Indos that I have and I didnt think they were near that old.. lol.. Below is a link to my photos.. and in it, you can look at the folder, Indos to see mine. Hope to hear back from you soon..