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Hermit Crab Care

Age of In-store crabs & salt water - Steve Clancy - 8/2/2005
Howdy. I haven't been able to send my message to Sarah, so I thought I'd post my questions here. I'm a new member of your group!

I have had "Mr. Crab" for about 21 years. When I purchased him, his size was between a quarter and a half-dollar (including the shell). Does anyone have any idea how old they usually are when about this size? He was the normal size one usually finds in a pet store. I'm guessing he was about 2-3 years old which would make him about 23-24 years old.

Also, I usually have only given him fresh water, but decided to try adding salt water as well. I am using kosher salt, which has no iodine or anything else. What is the ratio of salt to water?

I have a couple of pictures on the web you can take a look at if you like!