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Hermit Crab Care

- Sabrina Cameron - 7/17/2005
My hubby informed me that I am not to have more then what will go in one tank.. hhhmmmmm... lets see.. I am hermie sitting for one lady..and I have her hermies in one tank, except for some of her micros.. She had them in a home made tank, with a slate bottom. I did a deap tank clean and took them out of that. They have been in there for two months and 7 hermies have died in it. Most were close to the slate bottom and did a molt but didnt make it. One I have in ISO right now, molted right at the top of the substrate, is missing 2 limbs on one side. Another one, I found in the process of doing a top side molt on the second level.. No more hermies in the slate bottom tank!!!!.. lol.

Then I have 8 of my micros and 4 of her micros in a 10 gallon tank. My youngest daughter, the one that got us started on hermies, hated that they were getting run over by our jumbos and especially Dino.. So off to their own lil tank..hehe..

Then have our 55 gallon tank.. It had 35 hermies in it but we found a topside molter day before yesterday.. I was doing some looking in my tank I found 4 hermies buried in the EE.. I am not sure if they are gearing up for a molt or not. I saw one of my larger sized PPs had molted recently but the BP is gone.. He already has a gel limb and so I suspect he will be molting again soon, especially since he was buried.. I agree about the molts and being excited about them..

When Audra found the molter, she hollered that a hermie was dead and another one was on top of it trying to eat it.. I went over there, and started climbin up the step ladder to get into the tank..but Told her I didnt think it was dead.. Sure enough, I moved the one that was on top, that was just sitting there.. dont know if he was protecting her or what.. but hadnt done anything aggressive to her all day, except sit there.. lol.. I picked up the molter, took a few pictures, and put in ISO.. I get to watch the progress in ISO.. but I would rather they molt in the main tank.. lol.. but close to the side.. hehehehe..