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A place where you can learn about Tree crabs, otherwise known as Hermit crabs, and learn how to care for them as pets!

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Hermit Crab Care

Welcome Megan - Sabrina Cameron - 7/17/2005
Welcome to the group Megan.. It is great to have another member and to share more things.. How long have you had your hermies Megan??

We started out a year ago, with my youngest daughter wanting hermies for her 8th birthday. We got her two and my oldest daughter two. We lost one on the way home, so I took it back for an exchange. Within two weeks we lost three of the four we had. I went to PetSmart and got 4 more hermies. We still have all five of those hermies. We classify them all our originals, even tho only one is the very first original. We have bought quite a few hermies and have adopted 6 times.. We are currently at 44 hermies in a 55 gallon tank..