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Hermit Crab Care

molting or dieing - Mommy of Many - 7/15/2005
Hey Megan! It looks like you have either experienced this before or you have been doing your research!

If your hermie is either molting or dieing, you should leave them alone due to not wanting to stress them. It is natural to want to hold and comfort them, but in all honesty it is no comfort but stress to them. :o( (Well, unless your hermie and you are absolutely inseperable in the hermies mind. lol!).
You will smell the fishy odor if it is dead, and the smell gets worse, then the liquid will show. It is pretty nasty, but you know for sure they are dead. If they are molting, after a couple of days up to a couple of weeks (Depending on the hermies size and condition), you will see them up and around and back to better than new again! As long as you do not smell the fishy or dead smell, they should be okay. :o)

As Megan said, If your hermie has streaked out of it's shell, putting it in a secluded place with plenty of shells his size will help if your hermie is just tormenting you. Streaking like that can be caused by too little humidity, and stress, so be sure to make sure everything is okay. I have had one out of it's shell for 3 days straight. I just had to keep misting him to keep him moist, and provided the shells he needed, food, water, saltwater, ect... He turned out alright in the end. It all depends! Sometimes you never know what they are thinking! lol!

I mainly have problems with streaking by my new additions. Mainly I think it is due to the stress they have been through. Hermies go through a lot before we get them. It is sad.

We hope that your hermie is okay Kara!
Way to go Megan! You sound like youre a pro! LOL!

Mommy of Many