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Hermit Crab Care

I think I can help! (to Kara Clements) - Megan Mooney - 7/15/2005
Hi Kara, I'm Megan and I think I can help. I think the best thing to do is to leave him in there for about two days just to make sure. If they are molting they may lose a limb and hide in their shell for protection. However, if they lose more than one limb and they are leaving behind a type of smelly liquid then your hermie is getting ready to die. And if your hermit crab has come out of his shell completely and is not looking for another shell quickly, he is dying and needs peace. If your hermie is dying, put him alone in a cage or a shoebox with a shell he could move into (in case he isnt dying) and a cocohut or shelter. This way he can die peaceful and stress-free!

I hope I've helped! Good Luck!

Megan Mooney