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Hermit Crab Care

Kara,'s molting hermie :o) - Mommy of Many - 7/13/2005
Hi Kara!
Do you smell anything like death in the tank with your hermie? If he does not smell I would leave him alone and just keep an eye on him. WHat you think may be the dead hermie may just be his exoskelleton hanging outside of his shell. He may be tucked deep within resting. If you smell nothing within the next day, then that is what I would guess is happening. You could pick him up briefly to see if his exo will fall off and see if you can see him tucked inside, but I wouldn't do it right away. SOme hermies appear dead because they choose to hang out before or durring the molting process. You may stress him if you try, so I would wait to see if you smell death in the next day. Sometimes these guys can be tricky and sneak a molt on us without any warning... Especially the smaller ones. :o)

Hang in there!

We all hope it is just a molt!
Let us know what you find out!

Mommy of Many