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Hermit Crab Care

Rules!! - Sarah - 7/5/2005
Soon we will have a button to the rules on the site, but since we are looking into doing a scheduled chat meeting, I would like to let all of our users see them now.

Rules and Regulations

1. Be considerate of others. Keep it G rated! (or for the younger generation "E" for everyone rated!)

2. To avoid problems there will be no using chat rooms unless a moderator is present. With the exception of the General Chat room. General Chat room may be used at any time, but records will remain until a moderator deletes them. Remember Rule 1.

3. Only Moderators can create chat rooms. There will be a general chat room for everyday use. Special topic rooms will be created by Moderators only. If you have a topic to suggest email a moderator with it.

4. Only Moderators will schedule times for chat. If you find the times do not work for you. Email a moderator and they will try to plan things for you.

TIPS: Be thoughtful of your responses. If someone posts on the board about mistreatment of a hermie, please do not react. That is possibly all they are wanting from you. The more they seem to irritate you the more they will post nonsence.

It is best not to hand out any information about yourself while on the internet. If you wish for someone to contact you (Or vice versa), you may wish to ask a moderator to assist you. If the user that you are trying to get in contact with is not regestered, we may not be able to help. Regestration is a safty tool only, and is not used to give away any of your information without your consent.

Moderators are Sarah, and Lindalou. Contact info Sarah@hermiehaven.com and Lindalou@hermiestalk.com

Remember to check out the care sheet links! Lots of helpful information to help you learn what to do for your hermies!