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Hermit Crab Care

Felicity - Mommy of Many - 7/2/2005
WHy do you not think that you would be allowed? Is it because you are not sure that you would be allowed by us or your Parents? I would ask your Parents before hand if you are unsure of them allowing you to, and maybe show them our group. I will be posting the rules before we have our chat, so you can have them look them over first as well.
I hope that you can join, but try to remember that Parents have to look out for us when we are kids, and have to be very careful. The load is on their shoulders. We don't always see it as kids, but when we are grown and have our own kids, we sure do, and we learn to be thankful for the steps they took in trying to protect us.

Lets see what we can do about scheduling this chat. :o)

Mommy of Many