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Hermit Crab Care

I sent this to all of our regestered users emails,but... - Sarah Hill - 7/1/2005
My email wasn't working properly. I would like to post it so that you all know what has been going on. I will try to email it to everyone again as I can find the time, but with over 60 users that are regestered alone, I am having a hard time to find the time to do it again, and tend to my families needs at the same time. I hope that you understand.
Thank you!

Mommy of Many

My name is Sarah Hill. I am the owner and administrator of the Hermie Haven website.
I noticed that you and others have posted in the past year and I have not been there to reply. I would like to explain.
We were in FL last year when the hurricanes went through. Hurricane Charley went right over Bokeelia FL where we lived, and left things devestated. We were fortunately in MS, when it happened, with our children on a little vacation trip, so my husband left us there and went back alone once they let people on the Island. When he and his Dad went back they saw that we would not be returning as a family to live there, but we had a secondary server set up elsewhere that allowed our websites to go on. In this past year we have been running on this temporary server, and my own computer was down due to damages from Charley and we could not repair it for a while. We are in the process of moving and prayerfully things will get back into gear again. The good news is that the webserver is back up with stable hosting! So no more temporary server!

I figured that it would take me a while to reply to all of the posts on the board and to email everyone personally, so I thought that I would send everyone this very same email explaining our status. I hope this does not seem too impersonal, but my family needs me as well. I am sending this email to each of you individually so that others do not receive your email address that you do not wish to have it. Just in case ;o) I will reply to the more recent posts on the board as I get breaks throughout my day. Catching up should be fun!

I want to thank everyone for your involvment in our website while we were away. Espeially Lindalou who has been a devoted friend and has been checking in as she has had the time while I was unable to.

Thank you everyone for your time and devotion!

Mommy of Many :o)