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Hermit Crab Care

Hermies can reconize voices and their owners looks - Sarah Hill - 7/1/2005
Yes Jordan they sure can!
Mine know when it is time to eat, and when I am on the floor with my kids watching them in the tank, they tend to follow me when I go from one side to the other. Aren't they wonderful! I sure miss my others. :o(
Cried this morning thinking of my Zephaniah. He was my oldest hermie and died of old age. Poor guy couldn't even get around on his own anymore. I moved him from food dish to water dish to saltwater. He was my baby. :o(
He came out every time I was near, and even though he had a hard time seeing, he would turn to me. I knew that he recognized my voice.. :o)

Yes! It is hermie love!
Mommy of Many