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Hermit Crab Care

Did he say he bathes his hermies in saltwater? - Mommy of Many - 6/30/2005
I thought he was meaning to give them table salt in their drinking water. Either way you use the Instant Ovean Jordan, but to bathe them you don't do it unless absolutely necessary to get rid of mites as Lindalou said.

I think I need to read your original post again. If you said you bathe them in it I was wrong to have missed that.

Lindalou is right about spraying too.

She has made me curious now.... Do you use a wire cage or an aquarium? Wire cages don't keep humidity or temp's the way hermies need. If you do not have a tank, hermie, Gort, and Sunset would be ever so happy if you could find them one, even if it is a used tank. If we lived closer I could let you have one of my extras! :o)

Mommy of Many