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Hermit Crab Care

re: Just Wondering - Linda - 6/30/2005
NO First off you only give baths in salt water if you have a mite problem. Little bitty bugs that can infest our dear hermies.

You bathe your hermies weekly in tepid decholorinated water. You can decholorinate it with STRESS COAT. This is beneficial to their excoskeleton.

If your humitity is good you do not have to spray their cage. Since you use the term cage, I am guessing you have a wire cage instead of an aquarium? Sorry have been very busy lately and haven't been online.

SALT WATER FOR HERMIT CRABS IS NOT MADE WITH TABLE SALT. You need to use a salt water product such as "Instant Ocean" to make your salt water for them to DRINK.

hope this helps.
have to run , son has ball game tonight.