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Hermit Crab Care

I see chat rooms that are not made by the moderators! ;o) - Sarah Hill - 6/30/2005
Hey you!
You created chat rooms! Do you like them? LOL!
I see that you have been using them, and have created many.
We were in testing and hadn't finished before the hurricanes last year, so if you know of any glitches anyone, let us know!

We are hoping to have a scheduled chat soon, so anything that you know of that we need to have done before we can use it, let us know!
No harm in using them folks, in fact you have helped if you have been using them and you know what we can do to improve it.
Soon we moderators are going to be clearing them and creating new chatrooms (If needed).
Jordan seems to have helped us a bit in creating rooms that would interest our members, so thank you Jordan!
Once the moderators do the clearing of the rooms and leaving just the ones we need, we are going to ask that no one creates any new chat rooms for our Administrators sake. He works hard, and has enough work to keep up with already. If after we are through creating new chat rooms, you see the need for another, please let either Lindalou or myself know what your thoughts are and we will see if it is something that we need. Remember, we have to be sure not to overload the moderators too. :o)

Thank you folks!

Mommy of Many