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Hermit Crab Care

You are okay Jordan. and email troubles.... - ADMINISTRATOR - 6/27/2005
I wasn't referring to the OMG in particualar. There was another also, but I look up to you for your appology. You show good character. I was mainly a reminder to those who do know, and to those who do not it was their first time of hearing. I think it may have been your first time too. We just really want this website to be one that everyone can enjoy. We will just avoid the OMG's in the future because some do tend to think that it is God's name instead of the replacement word "gosh". It just may be best.

Jordan and a few others have sent me emails and have not had replies yet. I can explain. My email was receiving, bit not sending what I tried to send to you all. We have fixed the problem and you will all be receiving your emails soon. I am sorry about the inconvenience..

Bye the way Jordan. Gort is Beautiful!!! Maybe between 15-20 yrs old? Mighty good lookin for such an old guy.

Mommy of Many