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Hermit Crab Care

TOys! :oD - Mommy of Many - 6/23/2005
I have found that with my hermies they like variety. I use as many toys (Plastic plants, cave, rocks, huts, ect...) that they will use. If my hermies seem to not use them I figure it is because they don't prefer them and I take them out. Usually they are not too picky, but you never know. Just make sure that the toys you give them will be okay for them to use without hurting themselves with. I had a friend use some silk floral plants (material covered wire) and the hermies tore up the material and made them look nasty, then she noticed that her hermies were dieing. All she had done differently was the plants so we looked at them. We found that rust was forming under the material from the wire, so this would not be a prefered toy. I use the plastic plants myself. They can sometimes be found less expensively at the craft stores and sometimes in your craft department at Walmart, Just make sure that their are no holes in the plastic and it should be great! I hope this helps. You can never have too many toys unless it overcrowds your hermies or they can be hurt by the toys you have selected.

Let me know if I can be of anymore help!

Mommy of Many