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Hermit Crab Care

Hermies living quarters. :o) - Mommy of Many - 6/23/2005
Hi Melissa!
I have found with my hermies that when you have a few adventurous places to climb and hide they are happiest. Just be sure their daily food and water needs are met and give them space and excercise in the tank. I use plastic plants, a cave, coco huts, ect.. and I like to rearange when I change the tank or even go digging for baths. :o)
THey seem to really enjoy it when we rearange things on them. You may find that your hermies like to wreck the tank. THat is normal and usually means that they are havin a good time. Just get a feel for what things your hermies like and when you see them wandering around, you should know they are fine. Humidity and temprature neess are also important. You must be sure the humidity is right for their gills and such and temp control helps keep them lively.
Let me know what you are seeing with your hermies! I love to hear about them!

Mommy of Many