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Hermit Crab Care

Small and large hermies mixed. - Mommy of Many - 6/23/2005
Hi Timothy!
I have had no problem mixing my large hermies with my smaller ones. The large ones have been a lot less agressive than my little ones. In fact if I have any troubles it is usually the younguns that wreck havok. LOL!
How many hermies do you have and in what type/size of tank? Are their places for the little ones to hide and climb? If you make sure all of their needs are met you should have no problems. I have heard of some troubles with mixing sizes by a few people, but not many. Try it out and just keep an eye on them for a while. At first you can try it out durring the day and give them all a good spray, then once you feel you can trust them you can leave them together at night. Just an Idea!
Enjoy hermie owning!

Mommy of Many