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Hermit Crab Care

Gort's size dilema. :o) - Sarah Hill - 6/21/2005
Hi Jordon! Don't worry too much about Gort! He may be big, but in my experience in the past years my Jumbos were normally less agressive! In fact my teenies and jumbos and all (over 200) were all mixed sizes in one tank, and the larger ones would give the little kiddos rides on their shells with no complaints! I had one (before Hurricane Charley hit) who bent down and waited for the teenies to get on board! It was great! Now I have heard that some have had agressive hermies that would not tollerate the teenies, but for the most part I would say to mix them and keep an eye on the tank for a couple of days. You never know they may all be happier with their new found friend!

As far as putting Gort in a wire cage, that concerns me. Did you know that they need humidity levels to help them with their gills? The wire cage doesn't make breathing very easy for them because they can dry out and temprature control is hard to maintain too. Just a thought.. I am only trying to be helpful, not nosey or know it all. :o) Good luck! Let me know what you decide to do and how things go!

Mommy Of Many