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Hermit Crab Care

RE:Could hermie be DEAD??? - Felicity - Linda - 5/7/2005
You are welcome Felicity,
My first molter was above ground and like you I started to pick him up and the exo pulled away, I thought I had killed him, scared me near to death. My second molter dug underground for two weeks. I have had them molt with no warning many times, sometimes above ground and sometimes below. I was giving baths and cleaning tank one day and I dug up a molter who had just finished molting and gave her a bath before I realized she had molted. She recovered just fine.
I firmly believe talking to them daily and always talking to them when you handle them for any reason helps reduce their stress.

I have a yahoo group Lindaloushermietalk, that you are welcome to join. We aren't very active, but we do have very experienced members. One who has kept crabs for over 10 years and still has her first one.