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Hermit Crab Care

getting hermitcrabs out - Linda - 4/29/2005
Hi Gabi,
1. hermit crabs do not come all the way out of their shell unless they are changing shells.
2. When they come out to play they only come out halfway.
3. One method of getting them to get use to you is to hold them on your hand. You must hold you hand very flat and steady. If your crab is shy talk softly to it. Also singing to it also helps with the very shy crab. It may take 10-15 min to get a really shy crab to respond to you.
4. You need to always talk to them when ever you are doing anything with them. It takes them awhile to get used to your voice, but soon you will see them reacting to it, by coming out and being more active.
Just opening the tank lid and talking to them several times a day can help with this process.
Patience is the key.