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Hermit Crab Care

re:HELP!!! Hermie out of shell!!! - Felicity - 4/19/2005 - Linda - 4/21/2005
I am so sorry I missed your message, I have been away from the computer for the past two days.
If she has not gotten back into her shell yet, use a large plastic kitchen spoon to pick her up and dip her in dechlor water to rinse her off, then place her in a small bowl with a either her shell rinsed clean or another appropriate shell that has been wet down in dechlor water.

A few crabs do leave their shells to molt. Keep her area moist and dark and make sure other crabs cannot get to her. Also put a couple of clean shells in with her.

I hope she is already back in her shell.

Again I apoligize for being so late with your reply, I did check the board early on the 19th, but have been away from the computer since then.