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Hermit Crab Care

Update on survey... - Sarah - 7/8/2004
I seem to have found nothing from this idear so far. in the past
week I have been gathering information for my survey and it seems to
me that elevation doesn't seem to be the problem with agresson. I am
still digging..

Who thinks that maybe it is what we feed them? I know that we have
done research on foods that we feed them, substrates,humidity, ect,
but what about the foods that we as humans eat and then give to our
hermies like table scraps?
I have done research on foods that we eat and the effects they have
on us, and the reasons we have been developing more quickly seems to
be from the hormones that the meat industry puts in our foods.
Especially chicken. The chicken industry wants the chickens to
develope more quickly, so they give them hormones that are like
estrogen into them. This causes the chicken to mature and get plump
quickly so that they can be sold for the many people to buy, but
when we buy it and eat it, we too get that hormone in us. I have
done a lot of research and have found that they say the children now
are going through puberty at age 10 anymore, where it was once at
age 16 in the U.S. This hormone thing has also been found to cause
moodiness in females and agression in boys. I can't help but wonder
if those of us who feed our hermies our leftover meats, may be
having the troubles and those of us who do not, don't have the
troubles, but this one would take a lot of help from others to find

I guess I am drawing for strings. I don't understand.. I just don't,
and I want to. I have 1 hundred eighty some hermies, and have for a
long time. I do feed them table scraps, but since this research I
have done on meats, I would get free range meats such as deer, or
chicken, that have no growth homones in them. I did a test for a
while. I went on the no growth hormone meats for a couple of years,
then we went back to the other. After a couple months my boys were
so roudy and "wild" that I couldn't seem to control them and it
wasn't because they didn't want to listen, it was as though they
couldn't. I fell back because I was pregnant with my last baby, and
finances were looking bleak. After this behavior in my boys, myself,
my family...I have gone back to my no hormone meats. I have gone
back just a few weeks ago. Just after I talked to Linda about my own
problems on my afterbaby blues and a cycle that came much earlier
than normal, where my ovarian cysts seem to have returned. I am
doing much better emotionally, and so are my children's behaviours.
I am still in the middle of this test, but it just seems odd to me
that we are all doing so much better already. I haven't gone on
antidepressants (Which I was sure I would need), and I have not
changed anything but the meats, and cutting out on so much white
flour (Since I know it is bleacned of all real nutrients.

I know. It is a long shot again, but is anyone interested in this?
If we all got together and stated wheather or not we feed our
hermies table scraps, if you give them store bought meats, or no
hormone meats, no scraps at all.. ect... I would just love to find
out the reason for the behavior.

Can anyone tell I am a research bug? :oD

Thank you for reading my post! Is anyone sleeping? LOL

Mommy of Many