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Hermit Crab Care

Survey reply - M - 7/3/2004
My elevation 910ft

City Big Flats
State, NY
Elevation (I will give you a link to find this out on at the end of this post) 910ft
Number of hermies you own 10 (3 more on order)
If you have canabals Not yet (cross fingers)
Streakers (hermies leaving their shells without another to switch into)One, very early on. She left her shell and would not return. If I put her in a glass with her shell she would go in, but the second she was returned to a tank (main or iso) she would leave her shell. She died in about 3 days. This was one of my first crabs. I have not had it happen again (again..keeping fingers crossed).
Or any other agression you may have noticed. Only other agression was when I introduced my newest crab. I did it a bath time. The crab repeatedly tried to flip another crab. I dunked the newbie back in the bath. This was repeated 3 times, there have been no more problems with this.

Good luck with your survey. It would be great if we could find the reasons behind some of these problems.