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Hermit Crab Care

Sexing hermies... - Sarah - 6/11/2004
Hi Abigail!
I just copied this from the sexing page in the hermit crab care sheets. I guess the care sheets aren't as easy to find as I had hoped. I will fix that soon.
Both the male and female hermit crabs look alike in outward appearances.

The difference lays beneath the crab far within itís shell.

On the last pair of legs, on the underside of the crab, a female has what are called gonophores. Gonophores are the sexual openings where the male releases its sperm into the female, and later eggs are released from them. The gonophores are located on the underside of the 3rd pair of legs, or the last pair of walking legs. The only way of seeing the gonophores is if your crab will come out far enough on his/her own. Do not pull your crab out of its shell. The crab would rather lose its legs that to be forced out of its safe haven.

I will get a photo up as soon as I can get a good one taken.
I hope this helps. I had to gt several of my hermit crabs out to see if I could see the tiny holes that they have. They liik like small pin holes under their legs nearer to their abdomen. Remember. It is on the very last pair of walking legs, the furthest from their heads and into their shells. I like to hold the shell up in the air and hold my hand under them and see if they will try to reach my hand to come out far enough so that I can see. Let me know how it turns out for you!

Enjoy your hermies!

Mommy of Many