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Hermit Crab Care

Reply to your molting trauma... :o) - Sarah - 6/5/2004
I am sorry I am so late at replying. I was gone on vacation. Maybe I should have taken my laptop with me, and now I certainly wish that I had.
About your molting hermie, (If he is alright at this time)I wouldn't worry too much. They need the exo for calcium and protien. Just try to get some cuddlebone for birds from your pet store and place it in there with him (It helps harden the new exoskeleton), and be sure his food and water is near. I am glad you didn't toss your poor hermie out thinking he was dead! I did that with my first hermie. :o(
Sometimes the hermies will lose limbs. Maybe he is stressed due to being handled after his molt. Try leaving him be and make sure none of the other hermies are able to get to him. They tend to eat at newly molted hermies if they aren't hidden or burried under well. He should regenerate a new limb in his next molt. About what size is he? The smaller they are, the more often they tend to molt. I hope I am not too late in answering your post. I will keep checking back...

Mommy of Many