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Hermit Crab Care

White flour, Rice, and problems they can cause among hermies - Sarah - 1/25/2004
We have just recently learned that feeding rice to your hermies can be a major no no. For the same reason that you do not want to use it at weddings. When rice is ingested it sits in the stomach and intestines, then once water has been drank it will tend to swell. This causes the intestines and stomach to stretch and sometimes rip apart, or explode. I have only seen a bird once with this problem. It's gullet and stomach were split open, and there was rice and other foods were very visable. This is a very painful death, so it would be best to avoid feeding rice and other grains to your hermies. Just in case.

White flour is known to cause the intestines to currode. The more humans and animals eat of it, the more problems may occur health wise. It can lead to a shorter life in the end. If you have noticed many hermie deaths after feeding them crackers, bread, cereals, and other processed or bleached foods and flour, then try to take them out of your other hermies diets. It is worth a try. I personally would rather be safe than sorry.

Our family tends to feed our hermies only hermit crab food, fish, meats, vegies and fruits. We figure that anything they could get in the wild should be safe, but we humans have processed and enriched so many of our foods, and taken many of the nutrients out, leaving ourselves with filling foods that may in the end cause us more harm than we know.
Our pets are much smaller than we are, and eating these foods can cause them to deteriorate more quickly than us, due to the body size, and also the difference between how our systems were made.

Just a caution.! Take it or leave it.

At this time we have had two people come to us, who have been seeing rapid deaths among their hermie tanks. The only thing that we could think to suggest was omitting these foods from their diets. We are hoping to hear from them soon at what their results was. At that time we will let you all know.

Take care!