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Hermit Crab Care

Update on my Buster - Sarah - 1/5/2004

I know that many of you I contacted last night over IM's, and I want
to tank you all very much for the support you have given. The ideas
were all wonderful, and it let me know that I was still thinking
straight, and not letting the moment of stress get to me too much. At
least I still had my head on!

Well, Here is how Buster is. He is still stuck in that itty bitty
shell, and after putting him into the cup (Last night) his exo was
starting to peel up on his back. In a cup, on top of shells...
ANyhow. He indeed did molt, and his exo is sitting on his little
nose. It is like he isn't quite finished, but that doesn't sound
good. I think it should be over by now.
Well, I thought that he may have been dead, since he was just laying
there resting, so I went to get the spray bottle and gave him a
spritz. He moved a little so I left him be. He is alive!! I just hope
he stays that way.
I will let you know more of his progress as I see it.

Again. Thank you all!

Mommy of many