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Hermit Crab Care

My Buster is stuck in a shell that is too small. - Sarah - 1/5/2004
I mean. this shell doesn't even cover his abdomen!!! He looks stuck!
The shell looks tight around his little bootie! I am not sure what to
do but to put new shells ina dn I have sprayed him down to keep him
moist. It is Buster. He was getting ready for a molt and I have him
and Trixie in a ISO together. Pixie is under, but shells to fit her
(Dime sized) are in the ISO already and two (Quarter sized) for
Buster. His limbs are golden brown and he is a bit sluggish. I found
him naked in the main tank this morning so I moved him into ISO and
gave him his two favorite shells from the past and he decided on this
teeny dime sized shell! I am getting a picture, but I need to know if
he can actually get himself stuck!

Here is the picture. Second one. Sorry. It is a bit blurry. http://hermiehaven.com/Molting.htm


Mommy Of Many