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Watering needs

Fresh Water:

 Use chlorine free water only. Change daily. Distilled water can be used or you can purchase drops to rid the water of chlorine from your local pet store. The Chlorine in the water from our tap can cause blistering in the gills of the hermit crabs and eventually cause death.

Salt water:

 Salt water is necessary for the hermit crabs also. It has nutrients in it that helps them grow and also to molt properly. Be sure you have salt water in the tank along with your de-chlorinated fresh water. As with the fresh water and food, be sure to change it regularly. Salt water isnít as hard to come by as you may think. All you need to do is to get some Instant Ocean from your local pet store and add it to some de-chlorinated water.


Be sure to keep the drinking water shallow. If your bowls are deep you can use stones, shells or other materials in it so that they can climb out once they are in the water. Having deeper dishes also helps prevent the crabs from tipping the bowl over durring night time activity. I have found that the rubbermaid bowls that you are to throw away, or the new ziplock or glad bowls, work very well and they are fairly inexpensive.

Never use metal dishes or put metal items in the water as it can cause rust and hurt your crabs.