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Losing limbs


  The loss of limbs is something that not everyone expects to see happen to their hermit crabs. The number one reason is due to stress, and then the second reason is due to hermit crab fights. Fighting is not always a bad thing. Sometimes they are just out to see who is more dominant and other times one may want another's shell. Just be sure to keep an eye open to be sure it is not out of mere agression. If your crab loses a limb due to a fight or stress, donít worry, your hermit crab will re-grow his/her limbs when they molt. Until then, try to figure out if the temperature and humidity levels are right. Then see if someone is bothering them in the tank.


 If your crab does not seem to like baths and stresses when it is in the water, try spraying them instead. Give them some time and see if he/she seems to get any better.


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