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 The most common infestation found among hermit crabs is mites. Mites are little white bugs that you may see in your tank or on your crab that are quite a nuisance, and can harm your crabs. Many times people use a magnifying glass to be sure that is what they are. Mites are very small. If you find mites in your crabitat you should replace all substrate and clean everything. Do not use bleach to clean things. You can put the items in a tub of boiling water and add some vinegar to it. Usual proportional guidelines are cup of white vinegar to every one gallon of water.

   Be sure to bathe your crabs before letting them back into the tank. Instead of the normal dechlorinated water, use a saltwater bath (Or instant Ocean in the bath water.). The mites do not like it and will flee as best as they can and drowned. Leave your crabs in the bath for at least two minutes, but try not to overdo.After the salt water bath you should run the mitey water down the drain and, rinse the salt off your crabs, after the bath with the normal dechlorinated water, treated with stress coat, so your crabs can feel fresh and clean. Baith the second time for the same two minute time frame.

I haven't used this method myself, but a friend, Christa (a very reliable source) uses this method and says it is very sucessful.

  You can also go to your local pet store to get some mite remover from your reptile section. The best ingredient is eucalyptus. It will get rid of the mites naturally and not harm your crabs.

  Mites can be transferred from one tank to another by welcoming a new crab too soon, so it is best that you wait a week before allowing new crabs in with your other crabs.


 Hermit crabs have not been known to carry any diseases.