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  The most important thing your hermit crab needs is humidity and warmth. The leading death to hermit crabs is dehydration and/or suffocation due to the gills not being moist. Hermit crabs come from very humid parts and near the ocean. The temperature levels must be between 70-80 degrees, and humidity levels of between 60-100 percent. Spraying chlorine free water the tank daily can add moisture and bring the crabs out to explore.

Please do not over spray. Try to keep the substrate from getting overly wet. If condensation builds up on the inside of the tank, then you have too much humidity and then mold may set in.

If your home is within the range of 70-80 degrees you may not need to add a heating source, but if you live anywhere that it gets colder in the winter months and such, you may want to invest in a heating pad for under your tank. They are sold at most pet stores in the reptile section.

 A Humidity guage is a very helpful item to have. It will help you to determine the percentage of humidity and cleanliness in your tank, along with aiding the health of your pets.



Something you can add to an emergency kit, in case you lose power in the winter, is some inexpensive hand warmers. You can find these in the sporting goods section of any Walmart. Hot Hands brand stays warm up to 10 hours and come in two different sizes. They are not hard to use and are not toxic.